Many of you will be familiar with Wonky. Her journey to the sanctuary originally started when we received a phone call from a concerned lady on a Saturday, who explained that her kitten was quite ill and lifeless. We advised her to take the kitten to the vets immediately. On Sunday, the lady rang us again to say the kitten had not improved and that she had not taken her to the vets as she was afraid of the cost.

When she brought the kitten to us we could see that she urgently needed veterinary treatment, she was so small, rigid and very near death. We rushed her to our vet and left her in the caring hands of Dr. Ruth, not expecting to see the kitten again! Wonky, however, had other ideas and within an incredibly short time she was back at our sanctuary. It turned out that she had tetanus and was starting to recover well. Unfortunately, as a result, she has been left with permanent brain damage – hence the name.

She is a bit unsteady walking and has the famous ‘Wonky wobble’. Her attempts to play often result in her falling over and she has a funny leap when trying to jump, she jumps with all four legs but it works for her! Wonky has turned into a real character and is very special to all at MCS. She spends time in the cattery but mainly she is in charge of keeping the kittens in the house in order, mainly Timothy and Trinity, which isn’t easy. Wonky showed a lot of strength when she was young and deserves a sponsor or two!

Price: £50.00

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