Toby is one of many cats that has been rescued from the pit of our local incinerator, not far from the sanctuary. There are a lot of feral cats around the area as there is plenty of surrounding land but every so often some of them gravitate to the incinerator and more worryingly, into the pit itself. One worker in particular there, Leigh, has always been good to set our traps and monitor them whilst he is on shift there and it’s down to him that we were able to rescue Toby from there.
It took several attempts to trap Toby and there didn’t seem to be any more cats with him, although Toby was still a young kitten at this point. Eventually Toby did go in the trap and Leigh was able to bring him down to us. As usual, the kitten was infested with fleas and worms but he did let us treat him and de-flea him and he came in at around the same time that Pushkin’s kittens were about five months old which he wasn’t far off so he was able to be with them and grow up with them. We thought he reminded us of a cat we used to have here who was a very popular sponsor cat, called Toby, whom we sadly lost when he developed cancerous tumours so we decided to name this young kitten after Toby.
Toby settled in and for a while would allow us to touch him but he was never keen and now he has grown up and discovered the feral house, he tends to eat and sleep in there but then during the day he will venture out into the fields and keep an eye on us from there, making sure he is back inside in time for his tea!

Price: £50.00

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