Thor’s story from the beginning to the present day is quite remarkable. A person living not far from the sanctuary called us to say that there was a cat living rough around his area and that it was often coming into his garden for food. Luckily we did not have to wait long as within several hours Thor was in the trap. We took him straight up to Dr. Ruth to have him checked over and neutered. Thor was as wild as can be and was covered in cuts and scars from where he had been fighting. He spent a couple of days at the vets before coming to start his new life here at the sanctuary.
At first he was spending most of his time outside and not interacting with any of the volunteers, he would come in to eat when we left the room and once again return outside. Now he has moved himself into the main cattery and demands fuss and attention from anybody that comes in. Thor isn’t the same cat that came to us frightened and cut in that trap all those months ago and he would very much like a sponsor.

Price: £50.00

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