Joey started his life living in a colony as a feral farm cat. Luckily for Joey, a man moved in to a cottage on the farm and started to look after the colony. He started to feed the cats, worm them and slowly trap and neuter them. Joey was actually one that he didn’t manage to trap but as he became older he started to move himself into the house. He was the only cat in the colony that lived in the house and did so for about six or seven years.

Due to a change of circumstances one day last year, we were asked to take him in. His owners thought he had a few problems so we arranged for Joey to be taken to the vets first, to be neutered and checked over. Whilst there, he had to have an operation on one of his eyes and he also tested positive for FIV. As has always been the case here, we just brought Joey in as normal.

He is in no way a threat to the other cats and lives with them very happily. There are many misconceptions regarding peoples’ understanding of FIV or ‘Feline Immunodeficiency Virus’. A cat living with this disease is not a threat to humans or other animals and can only transmit the disease to another cat with a very deep bite wound.

Joey has settled in to MCS perfectly, loves the other cats and enjoys every meal. He is probably the most affectionate male cat we have ever had and would love to show his affection to you, should you sponsor him!

Price: £50.00

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