George’s story is quite a remarkable one. His owner was doing her very best to look after him in the last few years of her life, but unfortunately the time came when she had to part with him. Her two daughters brought George in, with a very heavy heart but neither of them were in a position to take George into their homes. The majority of ginger cats find it very difficult to re-adjust and settle in but we made him feel at home in Thie Noa, which he seemed to like. As time passed George settled quite well and began to venture outdoors.
Around the same period of time, we had another two ginger cats brought in, both from different households. Tommy had come in with another cat, Bella, and Sam came into us when his owner passed away. All three cats were the same age and very much alike and we all soon noticed, once they were all out and about, that they spent a lot of time with each other and it was then that we realised that they are in fact all brothers. To our surprise they obviously recognised each other after so many years and were a great comfort to each other whilst adjusting to their new lives here.
George is very popular with the volunteers, he is a rather large (fat) cat and as soon as anybody sits down in the conservatory, he is the first cat on their knee. If any other cats attempt to sit next to him, he pushes them off the chair!! If you sponsor him he would love to sit on your knee!

Price: £50.00

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