Dumbo has a very unique story in that his life started more than 4000 miles away from the sanctuary, in Doha, Qatar. Accepting cats from off island is not normally something we do but in this situation there was really no way we could refuse them in this case as not only was there Dumbo but also another four cats who all had their journey’s planned and booked! So we prepared ourselves for these five cats and Warren took the MCS Ambulance over to await their arrival into Manchester airport where he then brought them all back to the sanctuary.
We knew that all five cats had sight problems and that all were not in the best of health but to our surprise not all the cats were totally blind, most of them just partially. Dr. Ruth came down very soon after to check them all over and she decided that several of them had such severe problems with their eyes that she would have to remove some of them in order to stop them causing bigger problems to their general health. Dumbo was one who needed to have one eye removed as soon as possible and with that he went up to the surgery along with another two, Timothy and Walter, the latter who is completely blind.
They were soon back at the sanctuary and all of the cats are much better and all of their minor health issues have been put right and in the summer they will enjoy venturing out from Thie Noa where they are currently living. Would you like to sponsor Dumbo after all he has been through?

Price: £50.00

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