Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi

Bonjovi was brought to us after being picked up on a busy road with a serious leg injury. We instantly knew this was an unusual injury and we rushed him to our vets immediately. Our vet, Dr. Ruth, x-rayed him and found one of the worst breaks she had ever seen. Dr. Ruth operated on him and he remained at the vets for several weeks after the operation.

Eventually we brought him back to the sanctuary and he was very weak on his hind leg but made gradual improvement. He quickly settled in to his new life at MCS, enjoying the company of the other residents. He is now a permanent resident in the main cattery. He enjoys relaxing outside in the sun before coming in at night to enjoy fresh chicken, which is his favourite meal. He particularly looks forward to visiting days, would you like to sponsor him?

Price: £50.00

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